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At DeMers Programming, we believe media consultants should strive to become partners with their clients. Specifically, the consultant's role is to work closely with the client station's management team, serving as an objective advisor and creative catalyst. We're proud of our reputation as "real nuts & bolts programmers." Our attention to detail plays a critical role in giving clients the competitive edge. At DeMers Programming we believe in using our extensive experience to develop a localized strategy for addressing specific station objectives.

Team Consulting

Our company is built upon a team philosophy, with the consultants acting as sounding boards for one another. This internal sharing of information and ideas provides us with the inspiration for a unique service concept -- Team Consulting.

Other consulting firms provide clients with a single contact who attempts to handle all of their station's needs. DeMers Programming's special partnership with clients provides both a Primary and Secondary advisor for each radio station.

There are 2 major advantages for DeMers clients:

  • The collaborative process brings maximum creative and analytical power to each client's specific situation
  • Clients can depend on having an informed advisor available whenever critical needs arise.


  • Market Visits
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Product Maintenance
  • Formatics
  • Stationality
  • Creative Benchmarks
  • Promotional Tactics
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Personality Management
  • Managerial Development
  • Research Strategies
  • Research/Ratings Analysis


DeMers Programming has played a central role in the growth and development of more than 100 radio stations since the company's inception in 1986. DeMers consultants share their expertise in a variety of formats including Mainstream Rock, Active Rock, Classic Rock, Classic Hits and Alternative.
DeMers clients benefit from more than seven decades of "hands-on" programming experience. Each DeMers consultant provides a personalized, involved approach to programming and marketing.

DeMers Programming is operated by broadcasters who are at the forefront of contemporary programming. Alex DeMers, Peter Smith and Jeff Murphy all bring the benefit of many years of successful Programming and Marketing experience to their client stations. DeMers Programming recommendations are based on research, experience and, most importantly, local market needs. Clients in markets from #1 (New York) to #256 (Bismarck, ND) have all experienced significant ratings and revenue growth as a result of their affiliation with DeMers Programming.


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