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We regularly post on and off air openings for our clients. Browse current jobs and apply online.

How to Apply

DeMers Programming and our client stations are Equal Opportunity Employers. The following are the Job Application instructions set forth in the DeMers Progamming Privacy Policy:

  1. All job applications should be sent to demersjobs@gmail.com.
  2. Keep all file attachments under 2MB… We just need a short sample of your work to start out. We’ll ask for more if you are in consideration for a specific job.
  3. We keep all applications on file for at least 180 days.
  4. Due to the volume of job applications, we can’t respond to individual inquiries. Do not call!
  5. If you are responding to a blind box ad, we apologize that we are unable to give further details beyond what is in the particular ad. Of course, if our client is interested in talking to you about such an opportunity, they will give you the specifics.

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