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Fri, Apr 03
DeBirthdays: Skid Row's Sebastian Bach (1968)
"Hawaii 5-0" Series Finale (CBS 9p ET), "Home Before Dark" Premiere (AppleTV)
Sat, Apr 04
DeHistory: Metallica Inducted Into Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame (2009); Martin Luther King Murdered In Memphis (1968)
Sun, Apr 05
DeHistory: Anniversary Of The Deaths Of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain (1994), Alice In Chain's Layne Staley (2002), Session Drummer Cozy Powell (1998)
"Wrestlemania" (WWE Network 5:30p ET)
Mon, Apr 06
DeHistory: Tool Released Debut Album "Undertow" (1993)
Tue, Apr 07
National Beer Day (Prohibition Ended on 4/7/1933)
DeBirthdays: John Oates (of Hall &...) (1948)
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