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Sat, Jan 21
Aziz Ansari Hosts "SNL" (NBC 11:30p ET)
Sun, Jan 22
DeBirthdays: Journey's Steve Perry (1949)
NFC Championship Game: Green Bay @ Atlanta (Fox 3p ET), AFC Championshp Game: Pittsburgh @ New England (CBS 6:40p ET)
"Rolling Stones Havana Moon" (Starz 9p ET)
Mon, Jan 23
DeBirthdays: Cheap Trick's Robin Zander (1953)
Tue, Jan 24
DeBirthdays: Warren Zevon (1946, died 9/7/2003)
"Outsiders" Season Premiere (WGN America 9p ET)
Wed, Jan 25
Season Premieres: "The Magicians" (Syfy 9p ET), "The Path" (Hulu)
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